Let us lay the foundation for YOUR creation!

It is not for nothing that our field is the production of pancakes.
And this without preservatives, without E numbers, hence frozen.

How can you give something that is so rooted in our fibers, and who hasn't grown up with it, a different look without losing its identity?
Why should we not give the pancake a hip image, in 2020 your guest actually asks about this.

Experience - Distinctive - Different - Surprising - Hip …………

But it still remains a pancake.

Below we show what you can do with a pancake, whether it is round or square, we lay the foundation for your creation.

Our Natural and Apple pancakes are also Vegetarian

If you would like to use one of these images in your menu, let us know and send an email to: verkoop@veldtspannenkoeken.nl

Our field service is also happy to help you and inform you

Serving tips

Veldts Pannenkoeken Appel 1.jpg

Veldts Pannenkoeken Appel 2.jpg

Veldts Pannenkoeken Appel 3.jpg

Veldts Pannenkoeken Naturel 1.jpg

Veldts Pannenkoeken Naturel 2.jpg

Veldts Pannenkoeken Naturel 3.jpg

Veldts Pannenkoeken Spek 1.jpg

Veldts Pannenkoeken Spek 2.jpg

Veldts Pannenkoeken Spek 3.jpg